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Robert Michalski

About Me #

I’m Robert Michalski, a dynamic full-stack developer based in Sweden. With a passion for building robust server setups and optimizing developer workflows, I thrive on creating efficient Node.js servers and processors.

My enthusiasm for technology spans the entire stack, from mastering Linux and Nginx to diving into serverless architectures and the latest web frameworks. Currently, I'm delving into end-to-end testing using Playwright for browser tests and K6 for load testing, while also exploring the intricacies of sales funnels.

Beyond coding, I cherish spending quality time with my kids.

This blog serves as my digital hub, where I share insights, experiences, and the latest discoveries from my journey in the tech world.

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Skills #

Backend #

Frontend #

DevOps #

User Interface (basic) #

Funnels #

Interested in learning about #

Sales funnels

Sales and marketing






Software testing



Shell scripting